Monday, October 8, 2012

oh hey: duty free beauty

I love duty free. Before an international trip, I save up all my little pennies and buy a year's worth of makeup at the duty free shops. The best part about the duty free in Asia is that ALL OF THE COLORS FIT ME. Plus, every product has SPF and whitening, so I'll never have to worry about looking like a farmhand, ever.


Shiseido Perfect Mascara, Shiseido Anessa BB with SPF 50Diptyque eau de rose roll-on perfume, Diptyque Freesia mini candle
Clinique Derma White SPF 15 Powder, Chloe eau de rose perfume set

I had to seriously fight the temptation of purchasing the Clarins Contouring Facial Lift cream that supposedly helps produce a slimmer V-line. Curiosity killed Alicia's bank account.


  1. I love duty free too, it's definitely one of my favourite parts about going away! You got some lovely bits & pieces, I love how nicely packaged the Chloe set is & I can't believe that BB cream has SPF50! I wish they sold products with that high of an SPF over here, I'd love something like that!

  2. There's nothing, absolutely nothing, like duty free merchandise! :) | My Life In Black+White