Saturday, July 12, 2008

aggy strikes again

Agyness Deyn has been kinda ruining my life. When I see her on TV or my computer screen, I have to drop everything and look. It doesn't matter if I'm in the middle of cooking a steak or picking eye boogers off my dog. Aggy demands my full attention at all times.

So when she started walking around Manhattan with this little red clutch, I stopped and stared. Then I realized that this is the bag I've wanted for a while. It's got a chain that you can remove. You don't have to sling it over your arm and has enough space for my wallet, cell phone, and a day planner and nothing else. (When I carry big bags, I tend to carry big things. By a week's end, you will find several books, at least 2 pairs of shoes, candy wrappers, 5 packs of gum, old receipts, and other people's wallets and keys.)

I guess the only question is: do I copy Aggy and get it in red (although I'm kinda thinking that patent leather is on its way to my "old news" list) or be bold with the aubergine (purple) lizard?



  1. mm, i am not very sure about the colour. Red draws more attention and it highlights your whole outfit. while for purple, it's much more sophiscated. so i think it's up to your personality. :)

  2. I'm not a fan of agyness personally, but that's a pretty cute bag. I've been kind of obsessed with chains as well. I think the purple would be easier to pair with outfits, unless you want that shot of color to brighten up outfits.

  3. I really like the red one, but I've been buying too many things in red lately...

  4. I've never read your blog before but just gotta say.. I love it, and I love your style. Ps, that bag is gorgeous!

  5. i'm all for the red. and it's not because i like aggy (i don't); that bag is just hot. what's it called? (i used to memorize all the rm bags, but now that i have my morning after mini, i'm over rm. but now i may have to jump back in)