Friday, July 11, 2008

kids these days

Kids these days just seem to be more fashionable at a younger age. Lourdes Leon has been on my radar lately with her fantastic teenage style. She uses nice bold colors in a simple and chic way. Definitely a budding fashionista. Can't wait to see how she grows up. Now, if only she would pay as much attention to the brows as she does on her clothes... the uni-brow is NEVER a good look, even if your mother's Madonna.


  1. i need to go and search for more pictures of her! =) agreed. even if madonna is your mother unibrows are never allowed. why would she let it go? ahhh. with a mother like madonna i'm sure she has the best eyebrow and wax specialists at her beck and call!

  2. awesome you made a blog, I'm going to add you to my blogroll ( :

  3. i like her unibrow! she better keep it. i'm very jealous of her ability to pull it off

    not being sarcastic, i adore big batwing brows.