Saturday, July 19, 2008

do your thang

I've been a bad blogger. My burfday (yes, this is how I spell it) was on Thursday, so I've been quite busy celebrating it. Immediately after work, I went to happy hour @ Houlihan's with some friends. If you were in East Atlanta last night and saw a girl teetering around in floral wedges and a black pleated dress jumping off sidewalk benches, that was me. Whoops.

But I did manage to stop by Barnes & Noble and pick up July's i-D magazine. It was based around the Seoul Fashion Week and had a lot of profiles of upcoming Korean designers. But best of all, they had a short editorial & interview with one of my favorite models, Daul Kim.

I like her because she's so nontraditional and traditional at the same time. She's definitely not the cookie cutter generically "beautiful" Asian, but she has harsh, stark, peculiar beauty that simply cannot be undenied. Oh, and she has super long hair and great pouty lips.

Be sure to check out her blog i like to fork myself. She has very interesting perspectives about Korean society (which really echo my own opinions).

source: iliketoforkmyself


  1. Happy late birthday! Your festivities sounded pretty enjoyable haha. 39 euros does sound a bit ridiculous, but the skirt's perfect! Btw, I've added you to my blog roll :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! Out of all the korean models, I think I like Daul best, she seems to have more depth to her.

    Lol I love this quote from her blog: "IF YOU ARE A KOREAN KID i think you should really stop watching haha hee hee

    comedy show programs on TV and stop idolizing young idol boy bands and

    start READING.

    stop getting numb from getting swept by the media and make your own decisions

    stop looking at the advertisements where they say "you are the one"

    you are not the one."

  3. Happy belated bday! You and my roomie would get along great because she loves her beers too. My bday is coming up soon (turn 21 on the 11th) and I'm fucking excited! Pardon my French!
    I love reading Daul's blog, sometimes it's confusing, but that's really why I read it because it's so damn confusing that it actually makes sense to me!

  4. happy late burfday :)
    i like your blog~

  5. no way.

    i was planning on shaving my head first!