Thursday, July 10, 2008

alex curran, is that you?

Earlier this summer, there was a low buzz about this top from Sisley. Agnes of Stylebytes mentioned it before her mysterious disappearance, as well as Susie Bubble and a number of others. All of that made me trek down to my local Sisley (which I haven't been to in AGES). Gay Ricky (I kid you not, that was how he referred to himself) found me the top, which I purchased immediately.

It's hard to wear, and I feel like the lion from "Chronicles of Narnia." It works nicely with wide leg pants, though I do feel like Alex Curran.

Excuse the sunnies, as I just took my shower and had on no make-up and large dark circles.

top. Sisley. bottom. Uniqlo. bag. thrifted (Oroton) sunglasses. F21

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely adore this top of yours, altho i think i would look like a penguin in it, but you wear it so well.

    I am gonna add you to my links if you dont mind!